Want to look pretty for that cutie you have been crushing on or just want to look fabulous at a party? A floral maxi dress is a great foundation for an outfit that would turn heads. Trust us when we say you will look effortlessly stunning in a maxi! Check out our favourite flirty floral maxi dresses for women.

Why are long maxi dresses just so dang attractive?

Maxi dresses have been a trend in fashion for as long as we can remember. Its popularity among women of different fashion styles has stood the test of time. Safe to say, it’s a classic piece that every lady should have in her wardrobe.

What makes maxi dresses so dang attractive?

Maxi dresses look feminine

If there’s one piece that perfectly exudes femininity, it would have to be a maxi dress. Long sleeves, sleeveless, low-back — all styles of maxi dresses look feminine. The long skirt adds that extra boost of womanhood.

Maxi dresses are versatile

The maxi dress is an all-around piece you can wear on various occasions and all seasons. Its versatility is unmatched in the fashion world. Whether you’re attending a wedding, having brunch with your girls, or enjoying a romantic date by the beach, the maxi dress is surely a good choice of clothing. Plus, it works well with different kinds of footwear.

Maxi dresses are comfortable

Nothing is more attractive than a lady who feels comfortable and confident in the clothes she’s wearing. Maxi dresses are uber comfortable. Comfort translates to confidence and attractiveness. The cozier you feel in the maxi dress you’re wearing, the more attractive you will look.

Why is a maxi dress the best fit for all sizes?

Looking at flirty floral maxi dresses for women but having second thoughts if it flatters your figure? Don’t worry! The maxi dress is best for all sizes and all body types.

There is a common misconception that maxi dresses only look good on those who have tall and slender frames. The truth is quite the opposite. 

Maxi dresses flatter all sizes and figures. It has the power to highlight your curves and hide your trouble spots. It’s just a matter of choosing the right style that complements your body.

Here is a quick guide on what kind of flirty floral maxi dresses for women are perfect for your body type.

Pear shape

Pear-shaped ladies have wide hips and thighs. Maxi dresses with bell or kimono sleeves make their chest and shoulders look wider. This creates a balance between the upper and lower body, thus, flattering their figure.

Apple shape 

If you have an apple-shaped figure with broad shoulders and a short torso, try A-line maxi dresses. They hug your hips and gradually widen as it reaches the hem. The A-line style will highlight your curves and accentuate your waist.

Rectangular frame

Do your bust, waist, and hips have similar measurements? You probably have a rectangular frame like that of runway models. Strapless maxi dresses will do wonders for your figure. Pick maxis that are breezy and loose as you will be able to rock them flawlessly.

Hourglass figure

Ladies with hourglass figures have proportionate upper and lower bodies and well-defined waists. Most styles of flirty floral maxi dresses for women will look good on you if you have this figure. The most curve-hugging, we believe, are wrap dresses as this style accentuates your waist even more.

Wrap dresses such as this beautiful Violet Dress look good on all sizes and figures. The secret ingredient? The style itself! Its wrap style hugs your curves in the right places. It puts emphasis on your waist and at the same time, allows you to take attention away from the areas that you want to hide.

How to style a floral maxi dress to be flirty and fun

Floral maxi dresses are already feminine but that doesn’t mean you can’t style them to be even flirtier and more fun. Styling flirty floral maxi dresses for women is fun because you get to play with colours, textures, and accessories.

Choose the right hairstyle

Your floral maxi dress will do its magic in making you look feminine and flirty, but how you wear your hair matters too. It’s amazing how your hairstyle affects your entire look.

If you’re wearing a maxi dress with a high neckline, tie your hair up for better neckline visibility. For ladies with short to chin-long hair, feel free to wear it down.

When rocking a flirty floral maxi dress with a low neckline such as a v-neck, you can wear your hair down for a flirty, carefree look. Alternatively, you can also tie it up or wear it in a bun for a cleaner and more put-together vibe.

The Rosa Dress in Sage is one of our favourite flirty floral maxi dresses for women. It hugs your figure with its elastic rouging. For the ultimate bohemian gypsy vibes, wear your hair down when wearing this maxi.

Glam it up with accessories

Accessories play a huge role in your entire look. While a flirty floral maxi dress is enough to make you look stunning, you can still go the extra mile by adding details such as accessories. 

Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and hats can make you go from sweet and simple and fun and flirty in seconds.

Earrings have a huge effect on your fit. Gypsy-style earrings like the Aqua Boho Earrings are perfect for adding some flair and flirty personality to your look. Styling tip: Choose earrings that match the tones of your dress to keep harmony and balance.

Layering is fun not only in clothes but in accessories, as well. A layered necklace is an ingredient to a fun and flirty feel. Glamourise your look with a necklace like the Celtic Pendant Layered Necklace. It has gold and copper and black beads for the perfect amount of shimmer.

Ready to do some styling? We’ve rounded up our best flirty floral maxi dresses for women that we know you’ll surely love.

The Dakota Dress is what dreams are made of when it comes to flirty floral maxi dresses for women. This lovely maxi is made from silk blend fabric all the way from India. Not only does it look posh but it also is super comfortable to wear.

The gorgeous tones of turquoise and lilac on the dress are complemented with streaks of gold. Apart from its colour, we love the overall style of this maxi. It is free size and you have the option to tighten the dress to your preference with the drawstring under its bust.

We want no frills in life, but in flirty floral maxi dresses for women? Yes, please! Frills spice up any piece of clothing and give more personality to your entire look. 

The Nellie Dress is a stunning dress with a beautiful v-neck and bohemian floral pattern. Many ladies are raving over this maxi because it comes with a lovely surprise at the back: a low cut to show off your sexy back detailed with playful frills. What’s not to love?

Nothing says flirty quite like a floral maxi dress with a deep v-neck that shows off your neck and chest. If you want to show some skin, the Lotta Dress in Blue is the perfect flirty floral maxi dress for you.

This maxi is super bohemian chic with its beautiful blue colour and pretty print. Ladies of different body types and sizes will like this piece as it is free size. Wear it loose or wrap the ties around your waist to accentuate your curves.

Another stylish option is to cross over the tied behind the back and wrap it around your waist. Match it with a big boho hat, jewelries, and strappy heels for that ultimate flirty femme fatale!

Who says you need to show off skin to feel flirty? The Sage Wrap Dress says otherwise! 

A crowd favourite in flirty floral maxi dresses for women, this maxi is so popular because of its nice tones of olive and wine with streaks of hand-painted gold. It is feminine, fun, flirty, floral, and fab. What more can you ask for?

This maxi is perfect for chilly nights and the cooler months. Wear this with nude heels or for a bohemian look, leather boots. 

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