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Bohemian Clothing for Women

Break the Rules, Express Your Individuality. Effortlessly Capture the Essence of Bohemian Style. Cienna Designs Invite You to Enjoy Captivating Textures, Flowing Shapes, Unique Embellishments and Timeless Details You’ll Love for a Lifetime.

Welcome to our product showcase.

We support sustainable, slow Fashion and Fair Trade.

Our designs are inspired by our love for India and Indonesia

New Arrivals

Why Cienna Design?

Welcome to Cienna Bohemian clothing for women! We’re excited for you to see what we have to offer and hope that your shopping experience is as pleasant as our customizations – because we really do love creating some amazing styles that people just can’t get enough of.

Modern style

Unique and creative clothing, the modern boho style offered by Cienna Design is perfect for women who dislike conforming clothing and like to stand out from the rest.

Silk Blends, Rayons and Viscose

The clothing material that feels soft yet durable, and the colors that enhance your complexion are just some reasons why Cienna Bohemian style dresses are so popular.

Clothes for every occasion

At Cienna, we are dedicated to creating eclectic Bohemian style designs. There is nothing like the unique mix of deep colors and the tree of life patterns on loose – fitting garments to make you stand out! Our avant-garde Bohemian-inspired fashion dresses will make you look sophisticated without sacrificing your playful side.

Wearing Bohemian Clothing at any age

Bohemian clothing is not just for the young and hip. It may seem like the style itself leans more towards hippie and gypsy than young, but there are fun and sophisticated styles that any customer could appreciate. Try a maxi dress with bell sleeves and heel pumps if you want to look sophisticated without looking too stuffy or old-fashioned. Boho wear is still stylish, even as one gets older.